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Technology & Safety

Maturity of Technology: To minimize design, licensing, and deployment risks, the  designs use  proven fundamental light-water reactor technology, including the use of the same state-of-the-art materials  and coolant chemistry as is used in existing PWRs. More than a quarter of the systems, subsystems, and  components (SSCs) are already at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 9 and more than 80 percent of the SSCs  have a TRL of 7 or greater. An aggressive testing and validation program is in place for those components and  systems with lower TRL maturity.


Safety: Nuclear Plant Safety has achieved a paradigm shift in the level of safety of a  nuclear power plant. SMR technology is a revolutionary solution to one of the biggest technical challenges for the current fleet of nuclear energy facilities. Its innovative and comprehensive safety features  provide stable, long-term nuclear core cooling under all conditions, including severe accidents.

These safety features include:

In a station blackout condition, the NPM safely shuts down and self-cools indefinitely—with no operator action,  AC/DC power, or additional water needed.
Natural circulation for normal operation eliminates the need for large primary piping and reactor coolant pumps. NPMs are submerged in a below-grade pool of water housed in a Seismic Category 1, aircraft impact resistant  building that serves as the ultimate heat sink for core cooling. Each NPM houses approximately 5 percent of the nuclear fuel of a conventional 1,000 MWe nuclear reactor.


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